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JoJo Shaiken's Artist Statement

I photograph the places I Love to honor them in the best ways that I can. Traveling to each location often hundreds or even thousands of times, I tune into and experience the unique magic that each place has to share.

Living here on California’s Coast, the light can change in an instant with so many dynamic microclimates. One of my most amazing captures, “Epic Cayucos,” was recorded on a rainy day when the skies were completely gray right up until the last few minutes before sunset.

I rely on the magic light of these beloved places and my inner voice to guide me into ideal conditions to create photographs, always searching for the rarest, one-of-a-kind moments of light.

JoJo Shaiken's Biography

California native JoJo Shaiken photographed Yosemite National Park during a school study trip and became absolutely captivated by a place of such wonder – he felt like he was in a pretend world! Instantly a desire started growing inside him to accurately capture and convey this otherworldly beauty, and in high school a beginning photography class with Rick Behrmann was the first chance JoJo had to satisfy this desire.

JoJo continued to be mentored by Rick in photography throughout high school, and at the same time he was fortunate to be studying the great masters of the art world with his French teacher, Julie Larsen. This unique opportunity allowed him to learn the fine and disciplined techniques of photography while exploring the timeless works and imaginations of the great masters of art.

Through many years of consistent efforts, JoJo started producing work that clearly communicated his vision. Although he photographs at all times of day or night, in the light or in the darkness, JoJo’s Color Night Photography was his major breakthrough in terms of creating images that truly spoke to how he sees beauty in this world.

JoJo Shaiken was born in Walnut Creek, California, and currently works from his studio in Los Osos, California. His work is mainly focused on the unique light and geography of California’s Central Coast stretching from Montana de Oro through the Big Sur Coastline.

JoJo Shaiken, Moonlight Self Portrait
McWay Cove, Big Sur, California